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An Introduction to MikeCRM

MikeCRM is a customer relationship management platform, helping you collect information, expand market, discover potential customers and run sustainable marketing campaigns. With our simple-to-use form tools, you can design an online form within minutes to collect any information you want. The customer-related information filled in the form can turn into your contacts automatically, and you can easily send them well-designed emails and SMS using the Mails and the Messages module.

Redefine information collection via forms

Information collection has already become an essential part of our daily work and life. What may surprise you is that one MikeCRM form can satisfy all your information collection demands for event registrations, applications, customer surveys, polls, questionnaires, feedback etc. After you've created a desired form simply by dragging and dropping widgets, we'll take care of the rest. We'll provide you with automatically organized data, auto-generated statistics and charts, and convenient methods to import and export data.

Manage contacts based on their behaviors

The contacts data collected through MikeCRM forms are recorded and classified by the system automatically. Moreover, the system creates a timeline for each contact recording the contact's behaviors, by which you can know better about your customer and find it easier to do follow-ups. More importantly, thanks to the aggregation of different patterns of contacts' behaviors, the frequency and the quality of interactions between you and your contacts can be seen at a glance, which means you can easily tell those contacts who have a closer relationship with you from all your contacts and find out the most valuable ones.

Customize your email campaigns with the EDM platform

The drag and drop interface can also be found in the email design process. You may 100% control and customize the content of your emails. Within one minute, you can create any content interface you want such as newsletters, event notifications, seasonal greetings, product releases, and e-magazines. Mastering the EDM platform, you'll easily meet your marketing targets by effectively delivering information to end customers.

SMS, an excellent method to deliver messages instantly 

Receiving online orders through forms, mining customers data from Submits, and tracking EDM campaigns to know customers' preference...what may come to mind if you are going to add one more thing to close the behavior loop? It might be the SMS because of its instantaneity and convenience. The Messages module not only enables you to send bulk messages to specific contact groups, but also to send transactional messages triggered by customers' behaviors. Besides, you may optimize your business strategy by inserting contact variables into messages. More importantly, it only takes several steps to complete the configuration and don't need you to be a coder or get any help from IT professionals. 

MikeCRM has attracted wide attention in the industry since its release. Li Hui, the CEO and Co-founder of MikeCRM, was awarded the Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2014. In the next year, MikeCRM raised $4 million series A round from Sequoia Capital. Right now, over 500,000 organizations are using MikeCRM to fuel their business, covering tens of millions people in various industries like Internet TMT (Technology, Media and Telecom Sector), Finance, Education, Media, Advertising, Marketing, Retailing and E-commerce. MikeCRM even gains popularity in many state-owned enterprises and NGOs.

Making valuable products has been our unwavering commitment, and we're making every effort to optimize our products and services. 

Please feel free to contact us if you have any suggestion or meet any issue.


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