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Rank Calculation

There are always a few questions in math examinations which ask you to compare number values like greater than, less than or equal. This is the most common usage of ranking widget and you could tell whether the rankings is right or not in the Submit collected.

Ranking widget can play a greater role by bearing the function of voting. List out several options, ask others to rank them in order of preference, and you're going to know which option is more popular than other options. And the form extension package "Rank Calculation" is prepared for you to get the final ranking statistic automatically.


Purchase & How to Use

There are two plans for purchasing the extension package: Current Form only and All Forms & Lifetime. You may choose the plan based on your needs.

What the Rank Calculation package outweighs is that  it provides auto-generated statistics for Ranking widgets in the Charts view of form-Submits. By default, there isn't statistical data for the Ranking widget. After you purchased the package, the statistics for the Ranking widgets would be generated in the Charts view, displaying the specific ranking for each option and the listed times.  Meanwhile, if you checked the setting "Disclose all Submits" at the After Submit step when you designed your form, the public Analytics shows the statistics for the Ranking widgets, too.


Calculation Principle Introduction

All the options in the Ranking are taken into account for calculation, which shares the same principle: the higher average ranking count one option enjoys, the more forward position the option would be listed.  If the average ranking counts are tied, the option with smaller Variance is listed at the front. Variance measures how far a set of (random) numbers are spread out from their mean. That is to say, small variance reflects that the opinions are comparatively unified.

With the "Rank the top N only" checked in the FILLING SETTINGS, there might be some options being left aside and not included in the selected list. The left-aside options still have their ranking marked as the "N + 1", working as an effective criterion to measure the overall ranking.

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