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The Introduction of Form Logic

We must all have ever experienced this when filling in a questionnaire: When we choose a different answer, the following questions change accordingly. This is also how a psychological test works: if you choose A for the first question, you will be led to the third question; If you choose B, then another one shows. With MikeCRM, you can easily set up a survey with logic jumps just in a few clicks.



How to enable the Form Logic feature?

Just login to your account and go to a form editing page. Click on the Flash button on the top to switch it into Veteran mode. Then Click on the “”icon at the end and enable the first item in the pop-up window: Form Logic. It is free for all your forms. You can enable or disable it here at any time. When it is enabled, one step, that is Logic, will be added between Body and Appearance at the top. After all your survey questions are set in Body, you can go to Logic and set jumps there.



How to set Form Logic?

It is easy to set a logic in your form. Just remember that you need to tick all the items to be displayed afterwards when a specific option is chosen, which is the key to use this extension. Every item you added to your form is numbered here for your easy reference. Click on an option and you can set personalized endings to different options – when an option is selected, the items you set for it will be shown while the others will be hidden.



Tips: The Squeeze-Up function is not allowed with Form Logic enabled. Thus one row is only allowed for one field to avoid disorder on the display.

Only the selection widgets are available to set logic, including the Select (Radio/Checkbox), Drop Down, Image Select (Radio/Checkbox), Title and Gender of Contact Widgets, because only options allow respective endings (text does not). In addition, a Page Break is good at breaking up a section to hide it later on questions. This enables you to show only one question on one page.

Form Logic is actually easy to use. You can get the hang of it in a few minutes. Just make it clear how your questions jump. Let's take an example here:


Customer Satisfaction Survey:


You may have a look at how the logic of the above form is set:


(Click the picture to see the complete logic map)

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